What types of user profiles exist?

What types of user profiles exist?

 To ensure the correct use of all functionalities and to manage workflows, the interface’s administrator has different types of profiles at his disposal: 

  1. Administrator
  2. Technician
  3. Requester
Each of the profiles has different permissions within the product. 
  1. Administrator: 
    1. Has access to all functionalities in each product line, including inviting new users.
  2. Technician
    1. View all work orders that he has created and/or that are assigned to him;
    2. Create work orders;
    3. Delete work orders which he has created and that are not related with other entities; 
    4. Register costs of work orders assigned to it. Reporting costs includes:
      1. Report the Labor
      2. Report Consumptions
      3. Report the Misc Costs
      4. Check Tasks
    5. Adding failures to work orders assigned to him;*
    6. Create requests;
    7. Edit and remove requests created by him and that do not have relationships with other entities. 
  1. Requester
    1. Create requests
    2. Edit and remove requests created by him and that do not have relationships with other entities. 
  2. Integrator 
    1. View Integration Pipelines
    2. View Audit Pipelines
    3. View details of the last execution per pipeline
*The failure feature is only available on the lines Galaxy and Universe
The Integrator profile is only available on the Universe line.

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