What can we find in the requester's dashboard?

What can we find in the requester's dashboard?

The requester can always be updated on the status of their requests by accessing the initial dashboard that displays the updated data and tasks. 
Two types of dashboards are displayed on this page: the requests management dashboard and the operational dashboard. 

Requests Management Dashboard

This dashboard contains two types of information: 
  1. Number of requests - number of requests that the user has made in the current year; 
  2. Service Level Agreement (SLA) graph - shows the requests that are or are not in compliance.  

Operational Dashboard

The operational dashboard displays the list of requests that the user has made and divides them into: 
Older - corresponds to all the requests that existed until the beginning of the current week; 
This Week - corresponds to all the requests of the current week; 
The filter used to match each record with its corresponding field is the Expected Date one. 

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