How do I record parent location change on the locations?

How do I record parent location change on the locations?

To record a parent location change in a location, select the option Assets | Locations.
  1. The list of locations is presented
  2. Select the location you wish to record the Parent location change to and press the button "View"
  3. On the "Operations" link, select the option "Change Parent Location"
  4. The list of all changes to the selected location will be displayed.
  5. Select "Edit";
When changing the location, you must consider the following rules:
  1. The start date cannot be later than the current date.
  2. When saving the Location Change, the Parent Location will be automatically changed.
  3. When performing a Parent Location Change, the end date of the last Parent Location Change record will be updated. The end date will be filled in with the new Parent Location start date.
Fill in the data. The information to be filled in is organized in tabs. You can see the required fields using the orange margin or from the list on the right lower corner, next to the Reset button;
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