Product Release June 2021

Product Release June 2021

The latest update of your maintenance management solution brought some new features, but also several improvements. These new features will help you increase productivity and make the product easier to use. 


  1. Valuekeep Integrator*– The new add-on Valuekeep Integrator is intended to boost the integration and synchronization of data between Valuekeep and other systems (whether ERPs, Sensors, SCADA or others). It will be available for the UNIVERSE line and it can be downloaded from the Help Center. In addition to the add-on, Valuekeep also makes available the plug-in* for integration of Valuekeep CMMS with PRIMAVERA ERP v10. This way Valuekeep meets the need for integration with this software for those clients and partners in Portugal who have already migrated to the new version of the ERP. 

Mobile and Web CMMS  

  1. Push Notifications - Configurable in the Valuekeep backoffice and with the possibility of sending them to any contact/profile, we have now made available new Push Notification type message options for the Web and mobile app versions of the maintenance software. These notifications will respond to the following types of messages: information, Alerts and Errors.  
  2. Creation of QR and Barcodes on Assets and Locations - You will now be able to create and print labels for the organization's Assets and Locations. This will make it easier for technicians to identify their assets and locations, record work orders or even see what work is missing on their asset or location. These labels can be printed individually or in batch mode.  

Mobile CMMS 

  1. Background synchronization - In order to facilitate the technician's work, after this update, all synchronizations will happen in the background. This way, there will be no need to stop the technician's work process to perform the synchronization.
*Integration platform (allows the configuration of integration processes and the analysis/treatment of errors). 
** Plug-in for integration of Valuekeep Integrator with PRIMAVERA ERP v10. Requires a subscription to Valuekeep Integrator. Includes various examples of integration processes, which Valuekeep does not support as they can be changed depending on the customer's needs. 

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