Product Release August 2021

Product Release August 2021

The latest update of your maintenance management solution brought you some new features, but also several improvements. These new features will help you increase productivity and make the product easier to use. 


  1. Ability to associate "Customer" and "Supplier" to assets - In order to facilitate access to important information, it is now possible to associate the "Customer" and "Supplier" to each asset that is created.
  2. New filters in the list of assignments - With this new functionality, users can filter the lists of assignments by state and by employee and not only by date. These filters can be used separately or together.
  3. Editing of assignments by any administrator - Any assignment, provided it is in a state that allows it, can now be edited by any administrator. This way, it does not need to be only the user who created the assignment to edit it.
  4. Managing a request through the operational dashboard - In Valuekeep's initial operational dashboard, it is possible to manage the requests submitted. So when an order is opened from the dashboard, it now displays the "Operations" management button, allowing the user to perform different actions.

Mobile CMMS

  1. Anomalies correction - Various anomalies that were presented to users of the mobile version were corrected.

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