Product Release March 2022

Product Release March 2022

The Valuekeep CMMS maintenance management solution has the following new features:


  1. Order Manager Profile - this type of user has access to the orders he has created and to the assets of his access level;
  2. Warranty Fields in Assets - either in the creation of equipment or in batch loads, the start, end and end date fields of the extension are available;
  3. Creation of Related WO (*) - possibility to create related WO without copying tasks; follow-ups; attachments or cost details from the originating WO,
  4. Possibility to copy attachments from preventives to the WO;
  5. Requisitions Module - allows the creation of internal requisitions placed by the technician or manager (parts, services, among others);
  6. Valuekeep Analytics - an add-on that allows the creation of dashboards for data analysis (content available about this release soon)
  7. Language in Italian available now;

Mobile CMMS
  1. Follow-up (App Technician and Requester CMMS);
  2. Filtering by the company (App Technician and Requester CMMS);
  3. Requisitions Module - also present in the Technician CMMS App;
(*) Work Order (WO)

See all the information in the Help Center sections: Web CMMS Solution and Mobile CMMS Solution.

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