What is the Valuekeep Planner?

What is the Valuekeep Planner?

With Valuekeep Planner, the maintenance manager and the administrator can now plan their technicians' work using several calendar views.

With the administrator role, it is now possible to view all work orders and assign a work order to any technician. The maintenance manager role can only view the work orders he created and the ones from the work center he manages.

How to use it?

The Planner is divided in two sections:


i.Filters: In this section, the filters being applied to the data that will be shown on the calendar views are presented. 

ii.Calendar: This section can be divided in five views, and the default view is the Work Week. The available views are the following:

      i.Day - the assigned and unassigned WOs for the selected day are presented.

      i.The day starts at 6:00 AM

      ii.The day ends at 8:00 PM

      iii.30 minute intervals

ii.Work Week - the assigned and unassigned WOs for the selected work week are presented

      i .The day starts at 6:00 AM

      ii.The day ends at 8:00 PM

      iii.30 minute intervals

iii.Week - the assigned and unassigned WOs for the selected week are presented

      i.The day starts at 6:00 AM

      ii.The day ends at 8:00 PM

      ii.30 minute intervals

iv.Month - the assigned and unassigned WOs for the selected month are presented

v.Schedule - presents the WOs by technician

How to assign work orders?

To assign work orders to users, select the view "Schedule" and drag and drop the WO to the desired technician. You can assign several technicians, but not simultaneously. First, drag the work order for technician 1 and only after being assigned to technician 1, you can add to technician 2.

How to unassign a work order?

It is only possible to unassign a work order on the "Schedule" view, and in one of the two following ways:

  1. By dragging and dropping to the "Do Not Assign" section
  2. Pressing the WO number to open the window and, pressing the unassing symbol.

The work orders that are not assigned will be presented in gray and the assigned work orders will be presented in blue.

How to view information about the work order?

To view information about the work order, simply press the work order and a pop-up window will be presented, containing the following information:

  • The expected date
  • Asset
  • State
  • Priority
  • Person in charge

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