Mobile Requests - How to create a Request?

Mobile Requests - How to create a Request?

Through requests, an organization's employees can request maintenance actions on assets (locations, equipment, tools).
 To create a Request, follow these steps:
  1. On the menu, select the option "New Request";
  2. The request creation screen is presented;
  3. Fill in the required fields (marked with a "*");
  4. Press the checkmark icon presented on the upper right field to save the report.
When creating the Request, the user must consider the following rules:
  1. The Request is in state Draft when it is not synchronized to the BO, when it is synchronized, it is created on the initial state defined on the WEB CMMS;
  2. Only the equipment, tools or locations specified in the authenticated user's access levels are displayed.
To streamline the Asset selection process, these lists can be filtered according to the user's needs.
When accessing the asset list (location, equipment or tool), you can press the icon  on the upper right corner,
which will open a new menu to select the parameters being filtered. Later, and every time you access these lists, the selected filters will be saved and applied by default every time you access these lists.

 Possibility to create a request with no asset, if the request type allows it. For that, you must select a request type with that configuration.

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