How to view the requisitions workflow?

How to view the requisitions workflow?

The state flow for requisitions can be changed to be in line with the organization's working method.
To create or change the configurations for a new state, you must access Settings | Requisitions | Workflow;
  1. The state list is presented;
  2. To create states, press the "Create" button, to change the configurations of the states already defined, simply select the desired state;
When creating and editing the states, you must consider:
  1. An initial and final state must be specified for every entity.
  2. By default, entities are created in an initial state.
  3. The final state defines the end of the entity's flow of states because there can be no more state transitions.
  4. To fill in the remaining description languages, you must edit the state with a user that has that language defined on his profile.
  5. To create or configured requisition states, select the entity “REQUISITIONS.REQUISITIONS”;
Maintenance setup for the Requisition states.
  1. Record
i.Allow Cost Report – when active, allows to record costs on the current state;


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