How to create requisitions?

How to create requisitions?

Using the requisitions, the employees in an organization can request parts to maintenance. These allow the maintenance teams to respond to different requests by creating corrective work orders.

 To create a new Requisition, select the option "Requisitions | Requisitions":
  1. The requisition list is presented;
  2. Press the "Create" button.
When editing the requisition, you must consider:
  1. The state change must be performed on the detail view interface.
  2. If the Requisition is in the state "blocked for changes", you cannot change any attributes.
  3. As Administrator - in "Requisitions", you can change the state of the Requisition only when one of the conditions is confirmed:
    1. When the Requisition changes to a state in which the option " Is Final State" is set up.
    2. When the Requisition changes to any state other than the final state.

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