How to consume spare parts on the work order?

How to consume spare parts on the work order?

On the equipment or tool file, you can specify the parts and the corresponding quantities the equipment/tool needs to work correctly. The parts associated to the equipment/tool on the section "spare parts" can be consumed on the work order using the following options:

  • Automatic consumption
  • Manual record

The automatic consumption of spare parts of an equipment/tool is performed as follows:

  • On the work order type, activate the option ""
  • When a work order is placed in a state that allows to record costs for the first time, a part consumption is automatically recorded with the parts defined on the Spare Parts section of the equipment/tool file.
  • If there is not enough stock, the consumption is not performed.

The automatic consumption is only performed when the work order is placed in a state that allows to record costs for the first time.

When a work order is in a state that allows to record costs, it is possible to record material consumptions. To create material consumption by associating spare parts, you must:

  1. On the work order file, on the link "Operations" select the option "Consumptions";
  2. The consumption records list associated to the WO is presented;
  3. Press the option "Copy from spare parts".
  4. On the spare parts list, select the parts to record consumption;
  5. Select "Create Consumption";

When filling in the consumption record, you must consider:

I. By default, the field equipment, tool or location is filled in with the work order asset;

ii. If the work order is for a route, select the asset category and fill in the corresponding asset;

iii. It is only possible to record consumptions, if the work order state allows to record costs

iv. It is only possible to select warehouses for the company recorded on the Requisition.

v. It is only possible to record a quantity equal or inferior to the one selected on the Requisition.

vi. The workshop manager the work order belongs to can create, edit and delete records for the technician.

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