How to add messages to a request?

How to add messages to a request?

The maintenance manager and the requester can insert additional tracking messages on the request context.
To add a new message, please follow these steps:
  1. Edit the request;
  2. Open the "Follow-up" tab;
  3. Add a new message and insert the content;
  4. Define the message visibility on the field "Visible to".
    1. If you select the option "All" (default), the messages will be visible to everyone related to the request, as maintenance managers, employees assigned to the work order and the user. If you select this option, the message is copied from the request to the work order.
    2. If you select the option "Me and Managers", only the user and the maintenance managers will see the messages. In this case, the message is not copied to the work order.
  5. Save the changes to the request;

The messages are visible to all users with access to the request. After saving the changes, the message cannot be deleted nor changed. 

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