How do I report down time for an asset (equipment or tool) or location?

How do I report down time for an asset (equipment or tool) or location?

An asset can be unavailable during a period of time. To report downtimes, select the option "Assets | Equipments or Assets | Tools" or "Assets | Locations".
  1. The list of equipments, tools or locations is presented;
  2. Select the equipment, tool or location for which you wish to record downtimes.
  3. The equipment, tool or location record screen is presented.
  4. On the link "Operations" select the option "Record Downtime";
  5. The list with all downtime records is presented;
  6. On the list, press the button "create".
On the downtime record, you must consider:
  1. The end date must always be after the start date.
  2. The total hours cannot be higher than the difference between the end and start date.
  3. When saving the downtime record, if it requires the immediate asset or location downtime, the asset or location will be selected as unavailable.
  4. If the field “Apply to children” is true, the downtime will be recorded for all child assets. 

It is only possible to edit the record if it is associated to a work order or a request.

After the downtime end date, the asset is automatically made available, if there are no other downtimes in progress.
To automatically make it available, you must select the option "Definitions | Work | Background Services" and activate the Downtime.

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