How to create work orders from a preventive maintenance event?

How to create work orders from a preventive maintenance event?

From a preventive maintenance event, you can create a work order automatically or upon user request:
  1. automatically
    1. in order for the Work Order to be generated >automatically, on the preventive maintenance file, the state in which the work order is created must be defined, field "WO state". The automatic reschedule service must be activated.
    2. On the day of the event, when the service is performed, the work order associated to the event will be created.
  2. Upon user request
    1. to create it manually, the user must access the preventive maintenance event list "Work | Preventive Maintenance Events".
    2. select the event and on the link "Operations" select the operation "Create Work Order".
To create a work order, you must consider the following rules:
  1. It is only possible to create a work order for active events;
  2. It is only possible to create a work order for events without work orders;
  3. It is only possible to create a work order if the previous event has an associated work order
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