How to create locations?

How to add a location?

The creation of locations is a critical step in the configuration of the system. Besides setting which locations are subject to maintenance, locations will also contain the assets.

 To create a new location, select the option Assets|Locations:

  1. Presents the location list;
  2. Press the "Create" button;
When creating a location, you must consider:
  1. When creating a location, it will be automatically associated with the workshop and access level by default.
  2. It is automatically created as "Available" and the entry date to the current service.
  3. See Quick Guide: press the user icon and select the option Quick Guide.
There are a few rules to edit Locations, among them:
 - It is only possible to edit the service date if there are no downtimes reports.

When creating a new location, this is placed as "Available" and the "Service Date" as the current day.
If the asset was not created as Available, after the Service Date, the asset is placed automatically as available.
To automatically make it available, you must select the option "Definitions | Work | Background Services" and activate the Downtime.

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