How can I create families?

How can I create families?

To create a new family, select the option Definitions| General | Families;
  1. The families function list is presented,
  2. Press the button "create"

Failure Typification

    1. To perform the typification of possible faults associated to the family you are creating or changing, press "Failure Typification", on the icon "+" on the right upper corner of the form, next to the tab "General"
    2. On the table, select the symptoms, causes and actions associated to this family.

Family characteristics

In the Characteristics tab, you can assign one or more characteristics to the location function. These can be of the following types:
  1. Number;
  2. Text;
  3. Date/Time;
  4. Boolean;
  5. Enum.
When saving the location function record, the following validations regarding the characteristics are made:
  1. No repeated characteristics can exist
  2.  Number type characteristics:  checks if the text inserted on the Value field is a number. The number of decimal places associated to that characteristics unit is also checked, as well as if the tab matches the user language;
  3. Date/time type characteristics:  checks if the text inserted on the Value field is a date and/or a time.
  4. Boolean type characteristics: checks if the text inserted on the Value field is 0 for False and 1 for True;
  5. Enum type characteristics:  checks if the Enum value matches the values for the selected characteristic.

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