How can I create a workshop?

How can I create a workshop?

The workshops represent a way of organizing work groups by area, in order to be able to create access restrictions in the operations for allocation of costs to the work orders. To create a new workshop, select the option Workshop & Employees | Workshop:
  1. The workshop list is presented;
  2. Press the button "create"
When creating or editing workshops, you must consider the following points:
  1. The first Workshop to be recorded will be defined as "Default".
  2. Only one Workshop can be defined as   "Default".
  3. The Workshop cannot have repeated employees associated.
  4. The Workshop cannot have repeated managers associated.
Fill in the data. The information to be filled in is organized in tabs. You can see the required fields using the orange margin or from the list on the right lower corner, next to the Reset button;

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