Operation shortcuts

Operation shortcuts

In Valuekeep the following shortcuts are available:

  1. Ctrl+Alt+N − New record;
  2. Ctrl+Alt+V − View record;
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Pg Up − Previous page;
  4. Ctrl+Alt+Pg Down − Next page.
  1. Ctrl+Alt+S − Save (Ctrl+Alt+G in PT);
  2. Ctrl+Alt+R − Reset;
  3. Ctrl+Alt+N − If you are on view and/or edit mode, it changes to the record creation;
  4. Ctrl+Alt+E − If you are on view mode, it changes to the record editing.
  1. Ctrl+Alt+D − Remove row (as an alternative you can use Ctrl+Del);
  2. Ctrl+Alt+N − New row (if you create a row by mistake, you can remove it by clicking in the key Esc);
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Ins − Insert row above;
  4. Ctrl+Alt+C − Copy to the end;
  5. Ctrl+Alt+Pg Up − Previous page;
  6. Ctrl+Alt+Pg Down − Next page.
Search fields
  1. Ctrl+Alt+L − Allows access to the selection list. To select an option from the list, simply select it and click the keys Ctrl+Alt+Enter.
Pop-up windows
  1. Esc − Close the pop-up window, and cancel the operation in progress.
  1. Use the keyboard to navigate the menu;
  2. Click the key ENTER to select an option;
  3. Click the keys Ctrl+Alt+M to access the menu root and it will be automatically open. If the navigation menu is visible, when clicking Ctrl+Alt+M it hides the menu;
  4. Click the keys Ctrl+Alt+Home to access the Dashboard;
  5. Click the keys Ctrl+Alt+F to access the Search. To delete text, simply click the key Esc.
These shortcuts may not work on all browsers.

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