How can I view the asset indicators list?

How can I view the asset indicators list?

The asset indicator list can be viewed in Assets | Assets Exploration | Assets Indicators this list presents the indicators regarding equipments or tools.
  1. MTTR - Average repair time
    1. The MTTR is calculated daily automatically or upon user request.
      1. To calculate it automatically, you must access the option "Definitions | Work | Background Services" and activate the MTTR
      2. To calculate it manually, you must access the option "Definitions | Work | Workers configurations", edit the configurations and on the link "Operations" select the operation "Recalculate KPIs"
    2. The monthly and annual indicators have the failure date as reference.
      1. Example:
      2. A work order is recorded with the date 2019-02-01
      3. The failure associated with the work order with the date 2019-01-01 is recorded
      4. The work order is closed on 2019-03-01
      5. The MTTR indicator is only updated after closing the work order, that is, the indicators regarding 2019-01 will be updated on this date
    3. This indicator is calculated this way:
      1. Total repair time/Total failure time
      2. Total failure time - is the total number of failures associated to a work order and the work order is on the final state. Only the corrective work orders are included
      3. Total repair time
        1. Total work order time, that is, it starts counting when the WO is created and finishes when the WO transfers to the final state.

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