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    • Recent Articles

    • Mobile Requests - How to associate an attachment to a request?

      To associate an attachment to a request, follow these steps: On the screen for editing or creating a Request, press the "Attachments" tab" On the top right corner, press the "+" symbol. A window with the "Photo" or "Files" options will be displayed. ...
    • Mobile Requests - How to view and track follow-ups?

      To access the Request follow-ups, follow these steps:  Access Menu | Requests On the request list, select the request for which you wish to view the follow-ups; Access the Follow-up tab on the lower part of the screen. On the screen, you can see the ...
    • Mobile – How to explore the requisitions?

      Requisitions can be viewed using the following options: Requisitions - On the main Dashboard screen, you can access the option "Requisitions", where all requisitions created by the logged-in user are listed, ordered in decreasing order of request ...
    • Mobile - How to record/change/delete requisitions?

      To create a Requisition, follow these steps:  Access the "Requisitions" option; The requisition list is presented: Synchronized reports - these only allow to view, you cannot change them; New reports pending synchronization; Reports with a ...
    • Mobile - How to report consumptions from the requisition?

      To report consumptions from the requisition, follow these steps: Access Menu | Report Work; On the work order list, select the work order you wish to report consumption; On the work order options (3 dots icon), click Consumption; The list of work ...
    • Popular Articles

    • What are access levels and how can I create them?

      The access levels are a way of restricting the access of certain workgroups by area. To create a new access level follow these steps Definitions | Assets | Access Levels; The access levels list is presented; Press the button "create" When creating or ...
    • How to create requests?

      Through requests, an organization's employees can request maintenance actions on assets or locations. These maintenance requests usually referred to as HelpDesk requests, allow the maintenance teams to respond to different requests by creating ...
    • What happens to my data when I leave?

      Valuekeep will use its reasonable commercial events to return any electronic content contained in your services to you in a SQL or CSV format. You will have to request this Data within 30 days of termination of your contract (a minimum 2 hours ...
    • How to create a preventive maintenance?

      Preventive maintenance specifies a set of maintenance actions to be performed based on a fixed recurrence or on meter values. To create a new preventive maintenance, select the option Work | Preventive Maintenances: The list of preventive ...
    • How to set the preventive maintenance's time zone?

      Preventive Maintenance allows you to set the time zone in which events must occur. This way you can locally setup events that must occur on the day and at the time of the place where the work will be performed. When you create a preventive ...