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    • Recent Articles

    • Request Mobile - How to synchronize?

      When the user accesses Valuekeep Requests, he does not have data, to get them it is necessary to synchronize them. When entering the app for the first time, the data will be automatically synchronized in Background, however, the user can synchronize ...
    • Request Mobile – How to explore the Requests?

      The Requests can be viewed using the following options: Request list – Allows the requester to view the state Requests you created, as well as view the Requests created on the device and that have not been synchronized yet.You can filter this list on ...
    • Mobile Requests - How to create a Request?

      Through requests, an organization's employees can request maintenance actions on assets (locations, equipment, tools).  To create a Request, follow these steps: On the menu, select the option "New Request"; The request creation screen is presented; ...
    • Mobile Requests - Error Handling

      On the Mobile Requests app, it is possible to handle errors and check the errors occurred during the synchronization. To see the error list, you must access the Menu and select the option Synchronize. On that screen, you can see the errors by ...
    • Mobile Requests -How to change a Request that hasn't been synchronized to Web CMMS?

      You can only change the Requests that have not been synchronized yet in draft. To change data in a work order, follow these steps: On the Dashboard, select the option "Requests" or select the option "Requests" on the menu. From the list of Requests, ...
    • Popular Articles

    • What are access levels and how can I create them?

      The access levels are a way of restricting the access of certain workgroups by area. To create a new access level follow these steps Definitions | Assets | Access Levels; The access levels list is presented; Press the button "create" When creating or ...
    • How to create a request?

      Through requests, an organization's employees can request maintenance actions on assets or locations. These maintenance requests, usually referred to as HelpDesk requests, allow the maintenance teams to respond to different requests by creating ...
    • How to create a preventive maintenance?

      Preventive maintenance specifies a set of maintenance actions to be performed based on a fixed recurrence or on meter values. To create a new preventive maintenance, select the option Work | Preventive Maintenances: The list of preventive ...
    • How to set the preventive maintenance's time zone?

      Preventive Maintenance allows you to set the time zone in which events must occur. This way you can locally setup events that must occur on the day and at the time of the place where the work will be performed. When you create a preventive ...
    • Mobile - How to add the user account to the CMMS Valuekeep app?

      After downloading the app, it is necessary to add the user account to the app, so that you can login. For that, follow these steps: When first accessing the application, on the initial screen, click the button “Add user”; If there are other accounts, ...